Residential conveyancing (costs)

The transactions vary from Freeholds to Leaseholds whether there is a mortgage on the purchase transaction or clearance of a mortgage where there is a sale transaction. How much effort and time spent and attendance an assessment of the charge; our measuring rod 0.5% on the purchase or sale price is varied depending on whether the client is a first time client or an established client and the technicalities involved in the transaction.

Residential conveyancing (services)

Upon commence of a transaction one has to be satisfied with regard to money laundering Rules and Checks; thereafter preparation  of client care letters supported by a Statement of Account showing the disbursements such as Stamp Duty, Local Authority Searches etc where it is a purchase and similar items in a sale transaction/conveyancing with a Completion statement.

Probate - (Costs)

Initially we gather information as to the extent of the Estate to establish whether it is a large Estate or a small Estate and to assess the time to be spent and the costs will vary in percentage terms from 1.5% onwards depending upon the complexity of the Estate and whether foreign assets are involved.

Probate - (Services)

Here we obtain details of the Executors and sight of the Will and examine the Will whether it is valid thereafter establishing contact with the Executors or Executrix and to establish whether they wish to act as such and thereafter marshalling of the Estate.

Prepare client care letter indicating the percentage to be charged on the Estate after assessment of any complexities of the Estate and whether there are any foreign assets and what other foreign agents one has to engage.

Immigration - (Costs)

An hourly rate is between £185 - £320 charged depending on the assessment of the case difficulties and as set out in the client care letter.

Immigration (Services)

Assessment of the facts pertaining to the case. Most of the categories in respect of British Nationality, Immigration, Human Rights and Asylum law and the EU law, i.e. Application for leave to enter, leave to remain, Settlement or ILR, British Nationality, EU/EEA residence, Registration card - to settled or pre settled; advice on Judicial Review (Applications) further appeals where necessary.


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